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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Phone Calls aren't Hugs, but they'll have to do!

We called and talked to both of our girls in Haiti last night. It's amazing how they can be so different, yet so much alike.

The first call was to Jesula at the orphanage in Camatin. Jesula is so energetic and full of life. She was so excited to hear from us. She was talking so fast and would change between English and Creole in the same sentence. Every time I said "good night Jesula", she would yell, "Popi, Popi" and then say a long, fast sentence in Creole. She did not want to hang up. We could hear some of the other girls at the orphanage in the background. It is sometimes hard to hear her with all the background noise. She is a little fireball.

The next call was to Redjina in Port au Prince. Redjina is the definition of sweet. She has such a loving tone to her voice. She also has a soft little giggle of a laugh. She giggles when I say something in Creole and don't sound it out just right. She is such a happy child. When she says "I love you", it clearly comes from the heart!

Redjina said she did not have school yesterday because of the ongoing post election riots. She said she didn't think she would have school today either. I was thinking last night, here we hope for "snow days", while in Haiti they live with fear of "riot days".

I count the minutes between bi-weekly phone calls to our girls. But each phone call makes the waiting to get them here more painful.

God himself has prepared us for this and He has given us His spirit to make us certain of what is to come. 2 Corinthians 5:5

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