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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Trip to Haiti

The Trip to Haiti to pick up the girls went smooth.
We landed in Port-au-Prince early on Thursday 12/13/12. 
The girls were waiting for us at the airport.
This is just after arriving.

Our first stop was to see our Haitian attorney,
Madame Nathalie Cyprien. She had the girls'
IBESR Exit Letters, Passports, Visas, and
U.S. Customs Documents all prepared.

Then we stopped for lunch. 
Our friends Jabet & Marieflore drove us around PAP.

Jesula was happy to see us again.

Redjina was happy too.

A very nice restaurant for downtown Port-au-Prince.

Pork, Beans, Rice, Plantains, and Pikliz.

The streets of Port-au-Prince near our hotel.

A remarkable contrast from the streets of Port-au-Prince
to the other side of the gate at The Palm Inn.

Trees and shade highlighted the beautiful grounds
inside the small compound.

A Christmas Tree just outside our room.

A simple room with two beds and a bathroom.

The only thing the girls brought with them for the trip
home is what they are wearing here and a smile. They
left the rest of their things with the girls at the orphanage.

Around the Palm Inn.

Redjina sitting at the pool.

Redjina relaxing in a new dress with some orange juice.

Jeusla and her new dress.

My precious girls.

Sunset at The Palm Inn.

Breakfast at The Palm Inn.
Haitian Omelet, Fresh Mango & Pineapple, and Coffee.

Friday morning 12/14/12 just before leaving for 
the Port-au-Prince airport and The Trip to America.

The Trip to America coming soon...

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