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Sunday, December 2, 2012

God Works in Mysterious Ways!

Our adoption case file had been in the hands of the U.S. Embassy in Haiti for three months. During that time immigration services and the consulate would occasionally ask questions, or request additional documents. A United States' government process that typically takes two or three weeks to finalize a foreign adoption appeared as if it would never end. Then during church service at Faith Promise Church on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, one of the pastors prayed over us. He prayed specifically for U.S. Immigrations to finalize our adoptions in the coming week and schedule our girls' visa interviews. It was an emotional time. Within a few days God answered those exact prayers.

The girls' cases were quickly approved and they had their visa interviews. Just like that it was time to make plans to go get them. We hadn't really thought far enough ahead to consider the cost of the trip we had been praying would happen for 27 months. The cost of final immigration services, medical exams for the girls, airline tickets, hotels, final Haitian legal fees, etc. will be about $5,000. That is a daunting amount of money any time, but even more so just before Christmas. I got a little stressed worrying about the cost to say the least.

While I was on my laptop shopping for airline tickets, I saw a Joel Osteen tweet on my phone. It simply said "You can't worry and trust God at the same time". I had one of those wow God moments. I stopped and prayed. I basically said "God, thank you for delivering me to this moment in the adoption process. You have brought me this far, so I am going to trust You will provide the finances needed to see this through". Well, He went to work.

Within a few days we received unexpected donations totaling almost a third of that cost. We received a contribution through the blog from a friend from my high school days around 1980. I didn't see her for many years after high school. A year or so ago she contacted me on Facebook wanting to give us clothes for the girls and for Haiti. We received a check in the mail from a little sister from my college fraternity. I have only seen her one time since college after we reconnected on Facebook. She has supported us continually with prayer and finances throughout this entire process. We received another check in the mail. This time from a fraternity brother from college that I haven't seen since 1986. It included a note saying his family had been following our blog and that they felt led to help.

It's not surprising that God answers prayers. He says He will. God has answered our prayers and provided time and time again throughout this long adoption process. But it has been amazing to me to see who God has selected to help us. I am so very thankful for each and everyone He has chosen. In my daily struggle to let go and just trust Him, I can't wait to see who He picks next.

God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares The Lord. Isaiah 55: 8-9

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  1. Hi! My name is Rebekah and I am from East Tennessee. I have been following your blog for the last few months and was so incredibly blessed by this post! I am in Haiti, working at an adoption agency as a schoolteacher for kids who are waiting to finish their adoption process, so I see the other side of the often-agonizing waiting process, in working with the kids and seeing them long to go home to their parents. But it has been enlightening (and often tear-jerking) to read your posts and see the adoptive parent side of the picture. May the Lord bless the culmination of this journey, and may your two girls come home SOON!