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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Feel Like Rambling

The Theory of Adoption Years

I know that most everyone has heard of the Theory of Dog Years. The basic concept of this theory is that a dog ages seven years for every one actual year of their life.

Well I have discovered that there is a very similar theory, which I call the Theory of Adoption Years. The principle is the same, for every one year a person spends navigating the international adoption process they actually age seven years.

So if I take my age and add in two adoption years... well forget that. You know they say "you're only as old as you feel". I feel like…

Feels Like

I like how the weather forecast now includes “feels like”. I never have completely understood how 90 degrees can feel like 88 or 92. If it feels like 92, then it seems like it would be 92. Now I could see something like this:

Today’s High 84 - feels like fall
Tomorrow’s High 101 – feels like Haiti

Speaking of Haiti

I will be there in 25 days!

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